RealSleep Travel

Welcome to the RealSleep Travel Page. Here you will find information to help you make the most of your CPAP equipment, whilst on your travels. From using your device with a battery, to international travel, all your questions should be answered here. This page will be updated each month, so please check back regularly.

Got a question about travelling abroad with your CPAP device? Then take a look at this page to find a wealth of knowledge to help you plan your next trip.

Going on Holiday? Take your CPAP machine!
Gone are the days of your snoring and sleepiness spoiling your holiday. ResMed devices are relatively small and light so you can take your CPAP machine with you on holiday!

Travelling Abroad?
Worried about obtaining spares for your mask or device in an emergency? ResMed is here for you wherever you are in the world!

For more information on travelling with your CPAP machine or anything else regarding our products, call the RealSleep team on 0800 917 7071 today.