The S9 is vastly improved now it has the climate control feature. This is fantastic as I use the S9 at home and in the lorry. The cab of the truck is fitted with a night heater but it still gets cold inside causing the mask and pipe to be very cold. With the climate control this no longer happens and to put the mask on and feel the mask and the tube both warm is so much more comfortable.

I like the ease of use on the S9, you can check how long you have used the equipment for and I like the smiley and unhappy faces that come on when it checks the mask for leaks. In my opinion you have gone to a whole new level with CPAP machines and I wonder with anticipation on how res-med is going to improve further with this machine because i feel you don't have to. In comparison to my S8 the S9 is so much more advanced and unlike the S8 my wife has pointed out to me the S9 is so much quieter than the S8.

She also thinks that when I leave the S9 out on my bed side cabinet it does not look like medical equipment and it's no bigger than one of her books. Once again well done to everybody and keep the great work you all do going. If not for companies like you, people like me would not have any form of a life or job well done and many thanks.

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