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I thought it would be great to drop you an email to let you know how my first night went on my new ResMed S9 from a real patient. It was dispatched as promised on Friday and arrived Monday afternoon in Central London. Read full article...

Letter from author (name withheld on request)
March 2010

To the ResMed Team,

It was mentioned by one of your team when I purchased this machine that, it can be life changing for some users. Having been diagnosed and given a fixed pressure machine a year ago - which quite clearly wasn't working for me!

I am truly delighted to say this new machine is life saving as much as life changing. I feel that the real me is coming back to life, as if I am coming out of a coma. Concentration, quality of sleep, tiredness, moodiness all fairly dramatically improved and the new style face mask is fantastic - thank you ResMed. It's not often that humanity, politeness and great customer service are ever achieved in one package but you have achieved that.

Thank you for being so thoughtful and many thanks for caring! A huge fan!

Thank you card Mr S
Nov 2007

Thank you so much for the repair you have just arranged for me. My thanks also go to your colleague. It is such a pleasure to deal with a company where you as members of staff have such a professional, positive and helpful attitude in dealing with their customers; and in the case of this sort of equipment, it is so reassuring as well.

Once again, many thanks.

Email from Mr W
Nov 2007

I've had my ResMed machine for a few months now. When it was delivered I read the instructions thoroughly and then tried it in 'small doses' for about a week still sitting in my electric wheelchair. I'm now using it successfully every night. In fact, the ResMed (S8 AutoSet Spirit) is nothing short of wonderful! Quite unbelievable! I certainly wouldn't want to be without it' I'm usually asleep within 10 minutes of starting the machine and often stay asleep until about 6.30am. Norma, my wife also has a good nights sleep now that she doesn't have to worry about me holding my breath, snoring and coughing all night.

There is no build up of nasty, stringy stuff resembling chewing gum, on my chest during the night, which meant hours of coughing each morning to clear my lungs. My heart rhythm is more regular and I stay awake all day. I'm alert again and my concentration has returned. In fact, I feel quite different since using the ResMed and would like to take this opportunity to thank all concerned for this ingenious product.

Yours sincerely Mrs M.
(my wife) sends her thanks too

I must say that, had you not granted me this (Ultra Mirage FFM) trial, my machine would still be sitting unused and gathering dust, as it has been for such a long period of time. My previous two masks were ordered completely on guesswork, which proved to be either the wrong size or the incorrect model. I found both unusable and gave up trying with my machine, and put the lot away.

Thankfully I now have a mask which I can get on with and, hopefully, gain the benefit of CPAP treatment. I wish I had spoken to you 5 years ago!

Letter from Mr P
May 2006

It is very rare to experience such pleasant, speedy and courteous service these days.

So I cant tell you how lovely it was dealing with you and your company.

Letter Mrs A
Sept 2004

I must comment on the immeasurable improvement to my quality of life (since using CPAP). I would not have believed that the equipment I am using could make so much difference. I was extremely sceptical when I went to the sleep clinic, thinking 'this is probably a waste of time but I suppose it can't do any harm'. I could not have been more wrong.

Letter Mr M
Dec 2006


I very much appreciate all your help and every single person I have had contact with at Resmed' with their extremely professional and helpful manner and I thank you very much for helping to sort out this, the first problem I have had with the equipment. I still find it amazing and now appreciate much more the tiny tolerances that your designers have to work with.

Email Mr H
Dec 2007