I thought it would be great to drop you an email to let you know how my first night went on my new ResMed S9 from a real patient. It was dispatched as promised on Friday and arrived Monday afternoon in Central London.

I set the S9 up in my hotel room (although I had my S8 with me just in case it didn't arrive on time) and was amazed at how much better the S9 is over the S8 on my first night. I have tried a number of different sleep machines in my sleep studies from other manufacturers of CPAP and APAP machines, and although I'm in one of the unlucky NHS Hospital Trusts that refuse to pay for any CPAP machines or masks and I have to bear the full cost of my treatment myself, I settled with ResMed for its quality, the small form factor, the weight and overall portability but more importantly the quietness of the ResMed S8 Autoset Spirit which for me was amazing over competitor machines I had tried.  Not forgetting the Activa mask which is quite simply the best fitting nasal mask with it's active cushion to combat mask leaks.  

With the ResMed S8 Autoset Spirit being so quiet, I didn't think the noise of the air coming through the tubing to the mask could be reduced until I tried the new ResMed S9 last night, wow was I wrong! I was so amazed at how quiet the machine was but more importantly how much reduced the air noise was coming through the tubing reduced to virtually nothing. I know all your literature and website say the same thing but until you try it you really don't realise how much improved it is.  I actually scared myself into thinking that the S9 wasn't working for an hour as I didn't feel the rush of air like I usually do from the S8 Autoset Spirit, although pulling the mask off my face I could tell there was sufficient air flow coming through and the air pressure was being constantly maintained to provide a much better sleep experience.

When I had my original sleep studies 3 years ago it showed that I stop breathing a staggering 126 times an hour (approx every 30 seconds). Since being on the ResMed S8 Autoset Spirit, my AHI has dropped to an average of 4.5 per night providing me with a great night sleep. The first night on the S9 my AHI was 0.6!

Although I never really have problems tolerating the pressure of air from my ResMed S8 in Auto mode, I do have problems adapting to the Nasal pillows find the pressure too much to handle and opt for the Activa mask for better comfort. Seeing how much less forceful the air is coming through the tube on the S9, I think I might be able to tolerate more the Nasal Pillows.

The Climate control on the S9 is excellent, it's a great leap forward from the ResMed S8's humidifier and I awoke to a very cold room in my hotel early this morning but with nice warm air coming through my mask at 27C and the humidifier hadn't run out of water in the 7.15 hours of sleep.

From my first night's sleep I'd have to say the ResMed S9 is a truly amazing machine and a great leap forward over the S8 Autoset Spirit!  This is not only a great testimonial to the enhanced technology in the S9, but also from a patient that has to pay for all of his medical equipment and does not receive it free under the NHS!  

Thanks to everyone at ResMed for moving the technology forward and improving quality of sleep for many of us out there.