Just a quick e-mail to express my thanks and gratitude to ResMed, customer services, for their superb customer service over many years now.

I originally acquired a ResMed Spirit CPAP breathing machine some years ago (think it must have been about 2002) collected after consultation at Milton Park, Abingdon and then purchased an updated version later (think about 2007 from the Coleshill Office, Warkwickshire) and have been acquiring various replacement items such as air filters, forehead pads, headgears, elbow assembly and latterly mask frame and forehead support over these many years.

Through all life's various changes both the original ResMed Spirit machine which has been in use nightly since purchase and its upgraded counterpart which is used generally for trips away from home - holidays, family visits and many other trips away from time to time (and of course stand in for the original) - have always given without any question tremendously superb unfaltering service.  From obtaining my first ResMed CPAP machine the impact on my nightly sleep have been nothing short of amazing and tremendously beneficial with virtually no repetition of previous difficulties.

Through all these years of beneficial sleep with my ResMed CPAP breathing machines, I have been so fortunate to have had the most pleasurable experience of such superb customer service from your organisation.  This has to rank as probably and ultimately the very best customer service we have received from any organisation ever.  Platinum & gold awards to ResMed for customer service team would seem to be somewhat of an insult because I believe your customer service to be way above those - more like a diamond+++ or 25 out of 10 because of it's unique quality.  

An example of this wonderful customer service was my recently placed order which was taken by a very pleasant, articulate, intelligent young sounding lady who accessed my personal record with ResMed advised exactly what I required and gave me such a feeling of her real positive desire to give me such excellent dedicated customer focused service. This was then clearly borne out by the service that followed - replacement parts ordered at about 10:00 hours on 13/02/13 at your Abingdon office which were then received at my home via first class post at 11:05 on 14/02/13 - what can be better than that!!

To quote the song - 'Simply the Best - Miles Better than ALL the Rest!!'   That says it all in just a few words!!

Look forward to many more years of superb service and with grateful thanks for all your consideration and assistance.

Mr H, Feb 2013.

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