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We have successfully treated thousands of patients and we continue to pioneer new and improved methods in diagnosis and treatment, we hope that you will agree that we deliver an excellent service.

Thank you so very much for recommending the AirFit P10. Wow what a difference it has made, it is so quiet, in fact sometimes I want to check that the system is actually working! My wife wants me to thank you as well as she now gets a good nights sleep - apart from worrying that my machine has stopped.

April 2015

The CPAP Max Pillow is so comfortable when sleeping with the mask, a whole new way of sleeping

Mrs G
January 2015

Just a brief note to compliment you on the great customer service fifteen years now with Resmed and the combination of the new Airsense 10 and pillow mask (P10) is the best yet.

November 2014

Thank you for saving my life.

Mr K.
October 2014

I have just tried my new pillow and Airfit P10 nasal pillow. The pillow is really comfortable and was an excellent buy. The Airfit P10 is unbelievable. It took me a while to get used to my older nasal pillow but I had reached a point where I thought it was pretty good. The Airfit P10 is really something else. Whoever designed it deserves an award. I fitted it without adjustment, it fit perfectly straight away, it was comfortable, the exhaust was somehow well channelled and unobtrusive. Fantastic piece of design. Love it!

October 2014

The quality and design of Resmeds products is outstanding from the filters through to the silicon on the masks. They are far better than any others I have tried, which seem primitive compared to Resmed ones.

Mrs M.
August 2014

I wouldn't be without my CPAP machine and my wife loves it even more. It has certainly changed my life. I never watched so many films all the way through before! And it turns out that evenings post 8pm do exist.

August 2014

I have been getting used to using my new machine (S9 AutoSet and H5i), and have found the controls to be quite easy to understand and follow. I'm really pleased with my new machine, and I would heartily recommend ResMed's equipment to anybody with sleeping difficulties.

August 2014

A premier company, I wouldn't go anywhere else for my treatment. It was by chance that I found ResMed and the RealSleep team. The machine is excellent and the customer support is excellent, I couldn't recommend RealSleep enough. I am so lucky to have started and continued my treatment with ResMed products.

Mr R
July 2014

I recently purchased the Resmed P10 nasal pillow mask and found what a difference it is to other masks I have used in the past. No bulky head straps and so easy to fit and comfortable and quiet and not effected by head movement definitely a winner for Resmed and i give it a 5 star review.

Mr C
July 2014

Thank you for the new AirFit P10 sleep pillow. I have been using it for a week now, and I think it is such a great improvement on its predecessor the Swift FX. No more fiddly velcro straps to contend with. I was using my P10 within two minutes of opening the pack - it is so easy to use, and it stays in place all night without movement. Thanks again from a very happy customer.

July 2014

This (AirFit P10) is a massive breakthrough! So much more comfy and easier than my other mask and just as effective.

July 2014

Within weeks of starting treatment I was sleeping better, was wide awake in the morning, and no longer falling asleep during meetings. I now sleep through the night without tossing and turning.

Mr P
Juy 2014

You put our minds at ease (regarding using my device abroad). Thank you so much for your prompt response. A rarity these days for companies. Thank you again.

May 2014

Before I got diagnosed, I had years of being wiped out. I was so tired I would have to stop for a break, after 10 mins into a 100 mile journey. The S9 and H5i heated humidifier is great, leaps and bounds better than my old device. I used to have such a snotty nose in Winter, with the old device wacking cold air up my nose - it sometimes went on all day. No longer a problem!

May 2014

When I started CPAP treatment I was not expecting too much. I have now been on it for about a month and feel like a new woman!

Mrs C
May 2014

I usually find shopping/ordering equipment (albeit good for my health) a chore but (RealSleep's) professionalism, efficiency and complete product knowledge ensured that I was able to get the right equipment which is best suited for my needs in the least amount of time.

January 2014

My wife is so impressed with the device (S9 Escape). It stops me keeping her awake all night!

May 2014

I love the Quattro Air - it's a lovely mask, much softer than my previous mask.

May 2014

Just a note to say that the converter worked brilliantly. I used the supplied battery clips & cigar socket to connect to my battery & my 12volt 5amp cigar socket extension lead to reach inside the caravan where I plugged in the converter. This was the first time I had utilized a converter so I used the S9 without the humidifier.

Even after 8.5 hrs use the car battery was able to start my car first time without any hesitation. This converter is a brilliant bit of kit for caravanning.  Regards & thanks again for the excellent service & advice

May 2013


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