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You might struggle to even remember what it is like to live a well-balanced, functional day that you may not even be aware you have a problem.

Our free consultation will involve a sleepiness screening questionnaire, some questions on your health, sleep routine, environment and symptoms that could be associated with poor quality sleep or sleep disordered breathing. This will help our fully qualified clinician to offer information and possibly further screening options if a sleep problem is detected. It is important to remember that although certain feelings and behaviours become the norm for many of us, it's actually not normal to fall asleep throughout the day, it's not normal to feel lethargic during activities of daily living, it's not normal to snore, nor live with suboptimal oxygen levels at a time when our body repairs and metabolises itself overnight. The consultation time allows you and / or your partner to ask any questions you may have in a safe confidential environment and be offered options on where to take it from there.

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