Screening and Diagnosis

Do you feel you have symptoms of OSA? Are you concerned that you are at risk of the disorder? If so, the Centre for Healthy Sleep can offer you a simple screening test to help you find out.

The test involves using a small device, approximately the size of a mobile phone known as an Apnealink, and is carried out in your own home overnight (can be sent by post). The test monitors your breathing throughout the night via a small tube (cannula) at the base of your nostrils.

The data collected is then analysed and reviewed by the team at the Centre for Healthy Sleep. You will receive an easy to read report, giving your risk factor which can be taken to your GP to discuss.

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Sleep Study

The Centres for Healthy Sleep are able to offer patients a diagnostic service, following a referral from your doctor. This test will give a sleep physician more detailed data which is needed to give a diagnosis.

The test is simple and you will use the small, non-intrusive equipment overnight in your own home.

The device measures your breathing, chest movements and oxygen levels throughout the night. You will need to attend a Centre for a consultation with one of our clinical team who will carry out an assessment of your sleep by asking you a series of questions, then set up the equipment for you to take home.

When you bring the equipment back to us, we will review the data and send the report for analysis which is usually available within 48 hours, along with a diagnosis and proposed course of treatment. We will contact you to discuss the outcomes and talk through your options following the results. A copy of the results will be sent to your referring doctor.

If you are found to have OSA, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is often recommended as this is the most effective treatment. You may wish to discuss the results with your GP and choose to be referred to an NHS sleep unit for treatment. Alternatively you may choose to continue your care with the Centre for Healthy Sleep where our team of experienced clinicians can establish you on CPAP treatment and offer longer term support as required.

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