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Quattro FX, Mirage FX and S9 awarded for design and innovation excellence.
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The S9 Series: The AutoSet Advantage™ and Climate Control

The new S9 AutoSet was designed with patient comfort and compliance in mind whilst also providing the sleep professional the necessary technical innovation and therapy insight to ensure efficient patient management and clinical success.

Building on the success of its predecessors, the S9 AutoSet now combines an enhanced AutoSet Advantage with the core platform benefits of the S9 series to create a truly unique APAP standard and more comfortable therapy experience.

The Enhanced AutoSet Advantage
The AutoSet Advantage has evolved. The AutoSet responds to flow limitation, snore and obstructive apnoeas to deliver optimal pressures night after night.

But now, the enhanced Auto-Set provides an additional response to open events via an event responsive Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT) which responds to obstructive and open airway events differently.

Climate Control
The S9, H5i and optional ClimateLine tubing combine to provide Climate Control.

For the first time, air is delivered at the precise temperature your patients demand and five sensors, including one close to the mask, constantly monitor changes in ambient conditions and therapy to provide the ideal level of humidification. This means rainout is controlled regardless of changes in therapy or ambient conditions during the night.

H5i performance
The H5i has delivers market leading humidification performance with the ability to add more than 17.5mgH2O/litre of dry air. The H5i is controlled with the S9 dial making the adjustment process simple. In Auto mode, with ClimateLine tubing, the patient simply has to adjust the temperature using the dial on the S9.

To find out more about the S9 Series, please go to ResMed.com or S9morecomfort.com. Alternatively email info@realsleep.co.uk or give the RealSleep team a call on 0800 917 7071.




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