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Going on holiday?
Take your CPAP machine!

Gone are the days of your snoring and sleepiness spoiling your holiday. ResMed devices are relatively small and light so take your CPAP machine with you on holidays and everyone can get a good night's sleep!

Overseas power
Power adapterResMed devices can be used nearly anywhere in the world, without you having to make any special changes. Most ResMed power supplies automatically adjust and will run from 100-240V, 50-60Hz power supplies. Remember to take an adaptor with you so you can fit your plug into the wall socket at your destination. Adaptors can be bought at most airports, travel and electrical shops.

It's handy to take an extension cord. Often there is no power socket near the bed head in your hotel room. Always remember to empty the water from your humidifier and disconnect the humidifier, before moving your CPAP machine. You may like to carry a small container of washing up liquid to help you keep your mask clean.

Before booking, you might like to call your airline to see if they allow you to take your CPAP machine on board. Each airline is different but some airlines may allow you to use your machine on board. ResMed's devices are FAA compliant and compatible with the airline's power supply. Remember that final approval to use your machine lies with the airline. If the airline does give you permission, don't use your humidifier on the plane. You run the risk of water spilling into the flow generator if you hit turbulence (damage not covered under warranty).

It's a good idea to carry a copy of ResMed's travel letter along with a letter from your doctor stating that you use a CPAP machine for a non-life threatening disorder.

Click on the link to download a copy.

The x-ray scanners in airports will not harm your ResMed CPAP machine but security may like to see the letter from your doctor and travel letters.

No AC power available? Did you know that you can power your ResMed CPAP machine with a battery and the appropriate inverter or converter? So, you can power your CPAP machine from your caravan, boat or car.

S9 and battery

What battery do I use?
A deep cycle or auxiliary marine battery (used in 4WD vehicles and boats) is better suited to this type of use. Be aware that you may drain your battery so be sure you've got a means to recharge the battery, especially if using your vehicle's primary or only battery. Since humidifiers draw a lot of power, we recommend that you don't use your humidifier if powering from a car battery.

An 80-100AH deep cycle battery should last two nights (maybe three) before it needs to be recharged. What's the difference between and inverter and a converter? An inverter converts battery level power (DC) into mains level power (AC) so you can use the power cord and plug that came with your CPAP machine.

Converters produce an acceptable DC voltage from the battery. They are generally more efficient so will allow the battery to last longer. A converter also provides some electrical isolation for your device, electrical protection in case the adaptor leads are incorrectly connected and it will shut down automatically when the voltage drops below a certain level, protecting the battery from fully discharging.

Converter Adaptor cable

If you want to connect your inverter or converter directly to the battery, that is, if it is carried away from your vehicle, you'll need crocodile clips or an adaptor cable. Bypassing the vehicle's electrical system is more energy efficient. If connected via the cigarette lighter in your vehicle, take care not to start the engine while your CPAP machine is connected as this may damage your CPAP machine.

All ResMed devices can be used with an inverter. They come with a cigarette lighter end or crocodile clips.

  • If you don't use a humidifier, you'll need a 150W (or more) modified sine wave inverter.
  • If you do use your humidifier, you'll need a 300W (or more) pure sine wave inverter.

An S8 series device can use either an inverter or a converter. The converter is the recommended method of connecting an S8 (without humidifier) to the battery and works with 12V or 24V batteries.

Click here to download the Battery Guide for more information.

Happy holidays!





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