Diabetes Opinion Leaders Highlight the Connection

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF), a global alliance of diabetes associations, have released a Consensus Statement on sleep apnoea and type 2 diabetes. This statement recommends that when healthcare professionals see patients with type 2 diabetes, they should be aware that those people may also have sleep apnoea.

In fact, more doctors and diabetes educators are beginning to screen patients with type 2 diabetes for sleep apnoea. At your next visit, you may be asked questions like:

The BIG 5

    • Do you snore?
    • Has anyone witnessed pauses in your night time breathing?
    • Do you have unrestful sleep?
    • Are you experiencing night time sweats and/or frequently having to get up to spend a penny?
    • Do you feel tired during the day?

The answers to these questions can determine whether you might have a sleep problem. If you answer "yes" to these and other questions, your doctor may decide that you need a sleep study.

ResMed Report from the symposium 'The Forgotten Millions: Sleep Apnoea and the Metabolic Syndrome' on the occasion of the 46th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes - EASD 2010, Stockholm, Sweden.