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Before 1981, if you had severe sleep apnoea the only treatment was a tracheotomy: a hole was cut in your throat to bypass the collapsed airway! We’ve come a long way since then.

In 1979, Dr Colin Sullivan began studying five of his patients at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. They were all heavy snorers and they suffered from excessive daytime sleepiness.

Two had lost their jobs as a result of falling asleep at work and one was a 13 year old boy unable to stay awake at school and labelled as having learning difficulties. Dr Sullivan noticed that all of his patients stopped breathing in their sleep.

He had the idea that he could use air to splint open the airway. He connected a reversed vacuum cleaner via tubing to the patient’s nose and was able to show that ‘continuous positive airway pressure completely prevented the upper airway occlusion in each of the five patients.

Dr Colin Sullivan had invented CPAP!


Early on, masks were made by first taking a plaster cast of each patient’s nose. The masks were then glued onto the face. The very earliest machine used in clinic at the RPA was a paint compressor with the motors reversed, with thick white tubing, which was pool tubing. It could deliver a pressure of anywhere between 4 and 20cm H20 and had tremendous turbulence which made breathing out very difficult.

Dr Sullivan patented his CPAP as a treatment for sleep apnoea in 1981 but it wasn’t until 1987 that he demonstrated his CPAP machine for Peter Farrell, who had just set up a high tech medical company’s Research and Development facility in

Farrell was amazed and saw the potential for extending and improving the lives of sufferers beyond their wildest (troubled) dreams. ResCare, which later became ResMed, was formed in 1989.

A tracheotomy is no longer the only solution!

Worried about obtaining spares for your mask or device in an emergency? ResMed is here for you wherever you are in the world!

Did you know?
ResMed have offices and distributors in over 70 countries! It's always good to have a plan in case of any emergency so you will be pleased to know that ResMed have a number of contacts around the world. They will be
able to provide you with advice ranging from information of how and where to purchase spares to where you can obtain clinical/technical information.

Top tip: Before you travel, check all your equipment is in good working order to avoid any unnecessary problems. Take an extension lead along, it may serve a useful purpose. The average life of a mask is 1 year, although many people make them last a lot longer. Close inspection of your mask and equipment prior to travel could save you any inconvenience or unwanted stress on your travels.

Please check our global website for the nearest office/distributor to where you are travelling to.

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Meet our Warehouse Team:
The ResMed UK warehouse at our Head Office in Abingdon is very busy, with large volumes of orders being picked, packaged and despatched to
our customers daily. Based within our warehouse, our committed team take great pride in picking and packing your goods so they reach you in a timely manner and in perfect condition.

Rod - Warehouse Supervisor

Rod, who has been with ResMed for over seven years, enjoys the variety of his role and the challenges that each day brings. His motto is very much ‘It is a patient, not a package’ meaning his team always give each order the due care and attention it deserves.

Adrian & Andy - Assistants

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Our Patient Open Day will be held early next year at the Centre for Healthy Sleep in Abingdon
Come along to:

Have a Free mask fitting (appointments essential)
Seek advice and support from our friendly, knowledgeable team
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Plus, there will be some fantastic special offers available on the day!


Ah, winter. The cold air makes your nose run and the dry air makes you cough. And when you use your CPAP it all seems worse – your nose struggles to heat and
moisturise the air, leaving you with a blocked or runny nose and a dry and sore throat. But there is a solution: heated humidification!

Heated humidification can either prevent or even reverse these symptoms and clinical studies show that it leads to a significant increase in CPAP usage over the winter months in particular.

Perhaps you’ve tried a humidifier and experienced rainout? It’s true, particularly during the colder winter nights, condensation can form in the tube and mask (commonly called rainout) which can lead to gurgling noises, pressure fluctuations and discomfort.

To avoid this, some people tuck their tubing under their bed covers, others turn down the humidity setting and keep their CPAP on the floor to allow condensation to
drain away.

Suffer no longer!



The new H5i humidifier and Climate Line
tubing, the most advanced CPAP tubing to
be developed, combine to deliver market
leading humidification performance with the
guarantee of no rainout. You control the
temperature, just as you do in your car, your
home, your office, and the system delivers
constant humidity with no gurgles or
splashes. It really is so simple to use!

So, this winter, don’t let your CPAP give you a
runny nose or dry throat. Treat yourself to
the most comfortable humidification system
on the market and enjoy good quality sleep
with your CPAP all night.

*H5i compatible with S9 series only.

We are delighted to offer our H5i including Climate Line
Tubing at a special price of £100 (normally £147.25).
We are also offering £20 off any of our new FX masks. To
buy, shop online at or
call us free on 0800 9177071.

Offers available until 30th November 2011*

*Prices exclude carriage charges and cannot be used in
conjunction with any other discount. Please see our website for more information.

Are you evangelical about how CPAP treatment has changed your life? Would you like to help raise awareness of OSA & RealSleep?

Have you got an interesting story to tell?
RealSleep never tire of hearing stories relating to how CPAP has transformed the lives of our members. Currently less than 5% of people who have sleep apnoea have been diagnosed and are on treatment. We aim to change a rather shocking statistic – you can help!

We are looking for patients where CPAP has changed their lives, with an interesting story to tell. Perhaps you struggled to get a diagnosis? Are you a Trucker or in a job that requires vigilance? Have you ever fallen asleep at an inconvenient or embarrassing time? What were the consequences to you, your family or employer of your untreated sleep apnoea?



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You decide where you’d like to get involved, but it is essential that you are prepared to have your photo taken.

Feedback from females, young males, and even your partner are especially useful.

If you are interested in helping us with future PR campaigns –please email us at or call us on 0800 917 7071.

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