SATA supports ResMed letter writing campaign

With the aim of encouraging GPs to refer more patients displaying symptoms of sleep apnoea for treatment, we have launched a letter writing campaign for patients currently being successfully treated.

SATA (Sleep Apnoea Trust Association) has agreed to support this campaign by asking members, already diagnosed with sleep apnoea and satisfied with the treatment received as a result of being referred by their GP, to write a simple letter of thanks. The letter would thank your doctor for referring you and highlight the positive impact that treatment has had on your condition and your life. With this approach, we hope that GPs will feel rewarded for going the extra mile and motivated to take action next time they encounter a patient with similar symptoms.

They might share this experience with their colleagues, thus motivating more primary health care providers to follow suit. A draft copy of a letter is detailed here; please feel free to change it as you wish. A copy may be sent to SATA Admin by post or email, which will help provide some idea of the response they are initiating.


Dear [Dr name]

You referred me to a sleep specialist as a result of an appointment we had on [month/ year of appointment]. I wanted to thank you as I have since been diagnosed with sleep apnoea. My treatment is going well; I have a continuous positive airway pressure machine and mask that I use at night to keep my airways open and as a result my sleep and quality of life have improved. I no longer have the symptoms previously suffered. I feel fortunate to have been treated, as I understand that while 2-4% of the UK’s adult population has sleep apnoea, fewer than 10% of these are currently receiving treatment. I feel like I’m one of the lucky few, and thought hearing that your referral made a difference would be welcome news.

My diagnosis and subsequent treatment has made a big difference to my quality of life and I have you to thank for this.

Yours sincerely [name]

We will keep you informed of the response in the next edition of our Newsletter!

For more information about SATA, please visit


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Q: What has been your highlight over the last ten years?
“I remember speaking to an elderly lady who had been diagnosed with sleep apnoea in her eighties. She was amazed at the difference treatment had made for her and I wondered how different her life may have been if she had only been
diagnosed earlier. “

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My Story
By Kathleen, RealSleep Member

“My name is Kathleen and I am 63 years old. When I was much younger I always fell asleep very easily, e.g. in friend’s houses for an evening, in the cinema or theatre; it was a standing joke that I could sleep on the branch of a tree!

I snored a lot and over the last 10 years it got much worse. The main concern was whilst driving. When visiting my daughter who lives about an hour away, I often stopped the car on my way back, to have a half hour nap.

This became necessary as I constantly nodded off while driving; sometimes hitting the kerb. The result was that I avoided driving alone. I was always tired and anxious in the morning as I never felt I had a good sleep.

Things came to a head 3 years ago. I am a member of a running club and go away twice a year with a group of ladies. My husband said to me "You can’t go and stay in a caravan with the girls, snoring and snorting as
you do."


"I went to my GP who got me to complete a questionnaire about my sleeping habits. He referred me to the Edinburgh Sleep Clinic where extensive tests were conducted and I stayed for one night all ‘wired up’.

The test result was that I had moderate - severe sleep
apnoea. I now use a CPAP machine every night. It goes everywhere with me - it’s been round the world! I feel so much better and have more energy.

I am not a typical person with sleep apnoea; I have never smoked, only have an occasional glass of wine and I am not and never have been overweight. I am very fit and until just recently was running 3 times a week and doing half marathons. I run a Builders
Merchants and live a busy life. I hope my story helps others!”

Would you like to share your experience
using CPAP?

If you are interested in helping us with future PR campaigns – please email us at or call us on 0800 9177071.

FAQ—Mask care
Why and how often should I replace my mask cushion?

You should replace your mask cushion approximately every 12 - 18 months because as it gets worn, it becomes less effective.

The life of a mask cushion depends on use, the oils from your skin, and cleaning. It is always a good idea to inspect your mask routinely; poor care may adversely affect the fit of the cushion
and thus performance.



To get the longest life from your mask, be sure to wash your face before putting on your mask, and wash your mask after each use. Use a mild dishwashing liquid (nothing with perfumes, moisturisers, antibacterial agents, bleaches, etc), and always air dry your mask
out of direct sunlight. Mask leak is often the first clue that your cushion may need replacement.

Check for small tears or pinholes - anything that might cause a leak. If your mask is old or worn, replace it!

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