RealSleep member, Mark's story...

''If Sleep apnoea was a headache and it could be cured with a paracetamol you wouldn't mind having it. But it's not and it can't.

It starts off as a joke, everybody thinks it's funny, ''Oh, you should hear him snore, he sounds just like a drill!'' You don't mind and you don't care, you're fast asleep. All you know is that you feel tired all the time. When you fall asleep in the middle of a conversation or sat at the traffic lights, something is not right. I could wake up at 8am in the morning and be asleep by 10am, have lunch, fall asleep again until 4pm, have tea and then sleep in the chair until it was time to go to bed. In the last 6 months of my job I was asleep at my desk on and off for most of the day – how I got away with it for so long I will never know. In the end I was called into the office by HR and 2 days later I was out of a job. 10 years with the same Law Firm and gone the next day.

Three weeks and a sleep study later the questions were answered. What is Sleep Apnoea? Never heard of it, how do you spell it, not me? Stop breathing 500 times a night – don't be daft. They were right and I was wrong - it existed and I had it. I know what I'll do, I will buy one of those machines and a mask and I'll be back in action soon as. How wrong can you be!! I would sit in the lounge looking like Darth Vader with 'Hurricane Charlie' blowing up my nose. I couldn't even sit with it on let alone sleep with the darn thing.

Three separate operations on my nose and throat made no difference whatsoever. It was down to me and the machine. I took some advice and with a little help from the sleep clinic and ResMed and several masks later I started on the long road to recovery. It has not been easy; in fact it's one of the hardest things you may ever do. I was scared stiff - I slept with the bedroom light on, then the landing, then the bathroom, another bedroom and I am now down to a bedside light in my daughter's bedroom. But 12 months have gone by, still a bit overweight but I have decorated the house top to bottom, started running around the lake and started what has turned out to be a very successful business.

Love it or hate it the machine really doesn't care, it will just sit there waiting for you decide to accept it. All I can say is don't give up; it's not easy and it's something you wouldn't do from choice, but it does get better and anything is better than the half-life without it. Good luck.''

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Introducing Beccy, Head of Patient Services
Beccy is a Registered Nurse and has specialised in sleep medicine for nearly 17 years, previously working at the Oxford Sleep Unit as a Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Beccy has worked at ResMed for 9 years and has overall responsibility for the RealSleep Department which comprises the two ResMed Centres for Healthy Sleep and the RealSleep Customer Service team.

SATAday in Oxford a success!

The Sleep Apnoea Trust Association had their 18th annual conference on 18th October and it was a great success.

It's a welcome opportunity for people with sleep apnoea to get together, for support and advice and share experiences.
We always enjoy attending this event with its buzzing atmosphere and it was good to meet those new to treatment as well as many familiar faces.

For a support group near you, visit the updated SATA website

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If you have an S8 or S9 AutoSet device we are able to offer a review of your treatment without the need for you to travel to one of our Centres for Healthy Sleep. The process is quick and easy – simply post us your data card to the address shown below. If you have an S8 Autoset, your data card should be inside a white card wallet located within the front zipped pocket of your blue carry bag. To download your data simply insert the card into the slot at the back of your device whilst it is switched on and remove when prompted.

If you have an S9 Autoset, the data card will already be in the back of your device and updated with your data so simply remove and post to us at: FAO: RealSleep, ResMed (UK) Ltd, 96 Milton Park, Abingdon, OX14 4RY

One of our clinicians will then review your data and contact you to discuss your results. You will also receive a printed copy of your Data Report. The cost of this is £25 and should be paid in advance by credit/debit card by calling the RealSleep team on 0800 9177071.

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