Diane's Story

Diane was struggling. She was tired all the time, felt grumpy and couldn’t concentrate, even nodding off in conversations. Sound familiar? Diane also had diabetes, her muscles felt weak and she found it difficult to drive without falling asleep. She wasn’t looking after her family as well as she wished and she was missing out on family and friends. Diane was also 176kg. That’s nearly 28 stone! Then she was diagnosed with sleep apnoea.

Meet the Team

Introducing... Lisa, RealSleep Patient Services Coordinator &Twitter Team Leader


As soon as Diane treated her sleep apnoea, she lost 14 stone in a year and she got her life back! She was soon able to exercise and became motivated to change her lifestyle.

She now swims, walks, plays golf and runs around with the kids - things she never thought she’d do again. Her husband sees a more energetic, brighter and enthusiastic wife these days.

Diane’s general health has improved greatly. Her blood pressure is normal and her diabetes has resolved... and all from treating her sleep apnoea with CPAP!

There is never a dull moment at ResMed; we are all a bunch of passionate people who love what we do.

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing how treatment & our continued support improves people’s lives directly.

To witness this transformation is truly inspiring & is what motivates me every day!

Sometimes the severity of sleep apnoea can reduce with weight loss but Diane’s story is amazing - her sleep apnoea has reduced so much that she no longer needs her machine! Always consult your sleep specialist before stopping CPAP, regardless of changes or improvements in any symptoms.

Would you like to share your experience? We’d especially love to hear from women using CPAP.
Please email us at info@realsleep.co.uk or call us on 0800 9177071.

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Taking your CPAP on Holidays?

Here are some tips for a hassle free trip with your CPAP.

ResMed devices can be used just about everywhere in the world, without you having to make any special changes. ResMed power supplies automatically adjust and will run from 100 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz. Remember to take an adaptor with you so you can fit your plug into the wall socket at your destination. If you’re staying in a hotel, it can be helpful to take an extension cord. Many RealSleepers tell us that often there is no power socket near the bed head.

ResMed supports
British Lung
Foundation’s OSA project!

ResMed are pleased to announce our support of the British Lung Foundation’s
Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) project.

The BLF made OSA a priority in 2011 and through the project aim to:

  • Make OSA a priority for the Department of Health and governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

  • Help increase awareness of OSA to
    the public and health professionals
    Help to find undiagnosed people with OSA and improve their quality of life

  • Help to improve OSA services across the UK

Go to www.lunguk.org/sleep to find out more about the campaign and to read the BLF’s patient information about OSA.

RealSleep are very excited to be joining the BLF’s OSA campaign and look forward to working with them.

No AC power available? You can power your ResMed CPAP machine from a battery and/or the appropriate inverter or converter So, you can power your CPAP machine from your caravan, boat or car or by using a dedicated CPAP battery like the RPSII (pictured left) for the S9. If you’re not sure what’s best to use with your CPAP, call RealSleep for advice. Camping holidays and sailing trips are easy with CPAP these days!
Before booking a flight, it’s worth calling the airline to see if they allow you to use your CPAP machine on board –many do and if you’re flying long haul and would like some good rest or would just like to nap without the worry of your snoring disturbing other passengers, why not use your CPAP? ResMed’s devices are Federal Aviation Administration compliant and compatible with most airline’s power supplies and our RPSII battery meets IATA transport regulations for use onboard an aircraft.

We recommend you don’t use your humidifier on the plane - you run the risk of water spilling into the flow generator if you hit turbulence and this damage isn’t covered under warranty. The S9, H5i and ClimateLine can potentially exceed a seat’s power supply.

The x-ray scanners in airports will not harm your ResMed CPAP machine and most security personnel know what a CPAP machine is so you should have no trouble clearing security with your CPAP in your hand luggage. You might like to carry ResMed’s travel letter along with a letter from your doctor stating that you use a CPAP machine for a non-life threatening disorder. You can download the letter from our website.

Always remember to empty the water from your humidifier and disconnect it before moving your CPAP machine. Don’t forget to carry a small container of washing up liquid to help you keep your mask clean and sealing well.

Most of all, enjoy your trip!

Have you taken your CPAP somewhere unusual?
Send us a photo! info@realsleep.co.uk

Protecting your Data

To provide a more efficient service, RealSleep is updating computer systems which means it’s changing the way it stores and handles your personal information. Rest assured, all information concerning you will be held and processed by RealSleep and ResMed (UK) Ltd strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and our privacy policy. For more information please see our Privacy Policy. http://www.realsleep.co.uk/rsuk/privacy.html

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