Patient Open Day a Success!

‘The information provided was comprehensive and thoroughly enlightening, congratulations to the ResMed team!’
‘Excellent Open Day, really beneficial for all CPAP users.’
‘Staff very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you for a very informative day.’
‘Well organised and set out, a worthwhile visit, thank you!’



Come to Our Next Patient Open Day at the Centre for Healthy Sleep, London 10.00 am - 4.00 pm 10th & 11th June 2011

Find out more or register your attendance at Be quick as places are limited!


These are just some of the comments made by visitors at our last Patient Open Day, held at the Centre for Healthy Sleep, Abingdon on 26th Feb 2011. ResMed’s RealSleep team were on hand all day to give advice and demonstrations and to discuss our range of masks and machines.

We had exhibitions showing how ResMed masks and machines have developed over the years and our technical services team held court discussing many topics, such as powering your machine while on a caravanning holiday.


The mask care and cleaning stand was very popular and we’re sure many CPAP users got the best from their mask that night! A volunteer from SATA (Sleep Apnoea Trust Association) joined RealSleep to offer advice and support.

We enjoyed meeting so many people whom we had until then, just spoken to on the phone. It was lovely to put a face to many names. During the day, patients had the opportunity to have a free of charge consultation with a RealSleep clinician to review the data from their machine or be fitted for a mask. These consultations were very popular and beneficial for all.




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The Next Generation

We have just launched the FX family, the latest generation in CPAP masks.

  The Quattro FX full face mask is light and unobtrusive. It swings into place and sits midway on the nasal bridge, giving you a clear line of sight and a feeling of openness. It has a contoured headgear design which stabilises the mask on your face, while the Spring Air cushion is soft , comfortable and secure even if you move around in your sleep.
  The Mirage FX is one of the lightest and most comfortable nasal masks on the market. Its minimalist and sophisticated design makes it easy to clean, easy to fit and easy to adjust. The cushion is extra soft on your nose to increase comfort . It is effortless and, importantly, effective.
  The Swift FX nasal pillows was introduced last year and completes the FX family. It is barely there, you may even forget you’re wearing it! It is very easy to fit and use and the flexible tubing, soft headgear and soft cushion are designed to fit securely and maintain a seal even when you move.

Contact Us to buy or try any mask:
Mask fitting appointments are available at the Centres for Healthy Sleep. See side panel for details.



Consultations for treatment reviews and mask fittings are available

These take place at the Centres for Healthy Sleep in London and Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

Consultations are with RealSleep clinicians and appointments are available from Monday to Friday.

However, if you’re too busy to visit a centre, data reviews on Autoset machines can be carried out remotely via data card and on the telephone.

For more information, visit our website For advice or to make an appointment, call 0800 9177071

  A RealSleep Experience

Peter Peart has been a RealSleep patient since 2004 and has only recently visited a Centre for Healthy Sleep. He shares his experience...

"I started with the Autoset Spirit and an Ultra Mirage full face mask. One soon got used to the device and with great delight ‘I woke up’ during the day and slept at night. My wife also slept much better at night without my constant apnoea events waking her up...

I then bought a humidifier which improved my sleep even more, and recently a Mirage Quattro full face mask (great improvement over the Ultra Mirage). In early 2010 I purchased an S9 complete with humidifier. What a truly brilliant device this is. It is smaller and quieter than the Autoset. It is also much lighter and gives one much better control of the CPAP environment...

I consider this a very worthwhile investment. I cannot praise the Resmed teams enough. Everyone I have ever spoken to, without exception, has been extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and cheerful too..."

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