Visit the Centre for Healthy Sleep

Would you like to try a different mask? Struggling with mask leaks?  Would you like your CPAP data reviewed?

Did you know that you can visit one of RealSleep's Centres for Healthy Sleep to be fitted with any one of our range of innovative and unobtrusive masks.

One of RealSleep's trained and experienced mask experts will help you select the most appropriate size and style for you and you'll try on the mask while lying on a bed and connected to CPAP to ensure the fit is right.

We recommend that you replace your mask cushion and headgear annually to ensure your treatment is as comfortable and effective as possible. Uncomfortable and ill-fitting masks can lead to redness, sores and can even lead to you not using your CPAP!

Did you know that RealSleep Clinicians can also download and review the data from your machine? They may be able to suggest changes and improvements to help you get the most from your treatment.  If you can't come in to one of our Centres, your treatment can be reviewed remotely, via data card and telephone.

There's a small fee for mask fittings and treatment reviews and RealSleep members will receive their RealSleep discount on any masks purchased.  The Centres for Healthy Sleep are by appointment only - contact us for more details or to make an appointment.

Contact us in London on 0207 1510 220, Abingdon (nr. Oxford) on 0800 917 7071 or email us at