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Before Ronnie's diagnosis it was clear that he wasn’t sleeping well. As a result, he was constantly sleepy but didn’t know why. Driving up to 1000 miles a week for work, he would have to regularly stop to have a nap. On one occasion he even fell asleep in a meeting at work!

Read Ronnie's story.

David Smith, a 46-year old bus driver from Leicester, believes that the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnoea started when he was about 21. His loud snoring and tendency to fall asleep at any time of the day was a standard joke with the rest of the family.

Read how he is getting on now that he has been on CPAP therapy for over 20 years.

Description: Steve Hatton Photo
Maths and Computing teacher Steve Hatton lives in Portsmouth with his wife Chris. Steve had always been a snorer even at a very young age.

The snoring got worse over the years and eventually Chris moved to the spare room to get any sleep at all. Read about Steve's road to OSA (obstructive sleep apnoea) diagnosis and his new lease of life after starting his treatment.

Dr Maxwell Fox is a retired GP and lives with his wife Janet in Bognor Regis in West Sussex. Looking back they believe the signs of sleep apnoea had been present for many years becoming gradually more pronounced.

The naturally cheerful Max was finding it harder and harder to enjoy his hobbies and time with his family. Read about Max's struggle with getting used to the CPAP treatment and how he finally got back his energy.

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John is 64 years old, a retired lecturer and graphologist. He describes his experience of untreated OSA over several decades before he was diagnosed. He describes himself as a very sick man with fatigue so severe that it made it very difficult for him to do his job and to have any form of social life. He believes he had the condition for many decades, with his symptoms attributed to sinus problems. However following diagnosed his health was transformed and John feels CPAP gave him his life back.

Jackie is 61 years old and a businesswoman. She talks of feeling constantly unwell for approximately five years before her GP recognised the symptoms and sent her for a sleep test. She was determined to make CPAP work for her so she could regain her quality of life, and with the support of her husband and from support sites like Real Sleep, she has done just that.

Peter is 64 years old and a retired engineer. He describes how pre-diagnosis he fell asleep in meetings and narrowly avoided an accident when he dropped off behind the wheel. Recognising that something was wrong, Peter went straight to a private consultant, following which the process of diagnosis was very quick.

He adapted to CPAP very easily and says that any small disadvantages are outweighed by the huge advantages of using the therapy. He describes the dramatic change in his life as now he 'falls asleep only when he wants to". His partner believes he has more energy and is a happier person as a result.

Fran is 66 years old, a retired teacher and now works as a director of a charity. She was embarrassed by her snoring for many years before deciding to visit her doctor to find out why. She talks of the challenge of adapting to CPAP but also her determination to succeed in order to change her life.

She benefited from support sites, including Real Sleep which provided contact with fellow patients and also asked for advice from her supplier. Now Fran says she has more energy than when she was younger, and is less worried about driving long distances, while she believes her aches and pains have cleared up since starting the treatment.

Philip is 32 years old, a photographer and company director. Throughout his twenties, he had no energy to do anything and felt that life was passing him by. Two months into his CPAP treatment he has more drive and energy in both his personal and business life, has lost weight and reduced his blood pressure. He has also noticed an increase in his sex drive.  Friends and family have noticed the enormous impact CPAP has had, and this previously heavy snorer now sleeps in peace and quiet.

Philip found it very easy to adapt to the therapy and would recommends CPAP to anyone in a similar position.

Daniel is 65 years old, a retired cameraman and photographer. He describes severe anxiety before diagnosis and treatment. He was frightened to go to bed because of a fear of choking so bedtime became something to be feared.

It took him about a week to get used to CPAP. He did experience a dry mouth and nose but this was rectified by the introduction of a humidifier. Now Daniel's anxiety has been removed, he goes to bed relaxed and gets a good night's sleep which allows him to get on with his life.

Please click on the links below to find out what it's really like living with CPAP according to some of our customers.


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