Customer Support

The right kind of support can make all the difference to CPAP treatment. Whether you are new to treatment or have been a user for many years, there are times when you need expert advice and encouragement. Click here to join today.

The RealSleep program is designed to help you get the most from your treatment at all times. As a RealSleep member you won't ever have to feel alone with your treatment. You'll have direct access to our free customer support line. You can ask questions and receive sound advice and encouragement to help make the most of your treatment.

Benefits of becoming a RealSleep member:

Please note: the 50% extended warranty applies to ResMed CPAP/APAP devices and Humidifiers only.

Membership is absolutely FREE, call the team on 0800 917 7071 for more information.

Once we have your completed form we will send you your RealSleep welcome pack.