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Our UK Sleep Clinics             

While we are truly global, and operate in 70 countries, our renowned and individual service is highly regarded by healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Here in the UK we have Sleep Clinics located in London and Abingdon. These are our Centres for Healthy Sleep and they provide diagnosis  and treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing, of which the most common form is Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Our UK Sleep Clinics have offered the highest standards of sleep disorder advice and care since 2004 and are a regular port of call for patients long established on treatment.

We employ only UK registered practitioners with experience in sleep medicine to ensure the very best support for our patients. Long-term relationships are important to us, many of our patients started their treatment journey years ago and continue to visit annually for review.

We are also well known for our accurate home diagnosis service for new sufferers, and
provide friendly and caring advice for these patients.