ResMed are again the proud winners of the ARTP Manufacturers Award. In the past seven years, we've won this award five times and have come runners up twice in the seven.

The Association for Respiratory Technology & Physiology (ARTP), through standards of training and quality assurance, are the professional guardians of physiological measurement issues in respiratory medicine in the UK.

2012ARTP members work primarily in the NHS. "We uphold the standards that our members need to be able to deliver a high quality service to our patients" says ARTP Sleep Chairman Dr Brendan Cooper. "To do this, it is critical that we are supported with the best technology and service - that ultimately represents good value for money to the NHS".

The ARTP Manufacturers award is made following a survey of all ARTP sleep departments according to four main criteria: quality of equipment, sales, service and value for money and relates to all manufacturers that they deal with from sleep to lung function.

The survey covers many areas such as equipment and product reliability, ease of use and quality. It covers sales, the knowledge of the company employees, pricing policies and flexibility and related product support information availability. It also covers service support, availability, response times and value for money.  In recent years, there have been separate awards for sleep and respiratory manufacturers.

ResMed is a leading respiratory medical device manufacturer, specialising in products for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disordered breathing (SDB). "The ARTP award is an important recognition of the importance we place on delivering high value products and services to our customers. It is built on years of hard work and a culture that places the customer and the patient at the heart of what we do. Our challenge is to keep leading the field and exceeding those expectations." says Richie McHale, ResMed's Managing Director, UK and Ireland.

About ARTP

The Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology is the sole professional organisation in the UK for practitioners working in clinical respiratory physiology and technology. Founded in the 1970s, it now has over 700 members.

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