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"Is it possible to add a drop of Olbas Oil to the water in the humidifier?

We do not recommend adding Olbas oil or similar products to the water; this will have an adverse effect on your nasal passages throughout the night and over a prolonged period. It also degenerates the chamber.

"Recently I have experience condensation in my tubing, why is this and can I stop it?

This is often referred to as 'rain-out' and is due to the difference in the temperature of the air inside the tube to that of the room. Patients often experience this in winter as the night temperature drops and your humidifier delivers warm air which condenses in the tube, often causing a bubbling sound, occasionally running in to your mask.

Firstly you need to ensure the bedroom window is closed at night to warm up the air, try to turn down the temperature dial on the humidifier. Ensure your device is below you to allow the condensation to run back in to the humidifier. Items such as tubing warmers can be put over the tubing to reduce condensation.

"Why do some people get water inside the CPAP machine?"

ResMed devices have a spill back mechanism built in to prevent back flow of water in to the device. However, the CPAP device and humidifier must be disconnected before picking up vertically to move or travel, leaving them connected in such situations is the cause of water getting into the device. ALWAYS disconnect your humidifier to travel.

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